Parchment High School

Varsity Mens Tennis

vs Kalamazoo Christian

May 1, 2006

PHS tennis
Team Standings

Teams                   Points
Parchment                  4 
Kalamazoo Christian        4

PHS tennis

Individual Standings

Flight        Place
#1 Singles     LOST
#2 Singles     WON
#3 Singles     LOST
#4 Singles     LOST
#1 Doubles     WON
#2 Doubles     WON
#3 Doubles     WON
#4 Doubles     LOST

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PHS tennis PHS tennis PHS tennis PHS tennis PHS tennis PHS tennis PHS tennis PHS tennis PHS tennis PHS tennis

Coach T's comments: Rain delays. I hate rain delays, especially with so many matches so close. I have one question for the KC coach. Why was their 2 doubles team clearly better than their one doubles team? Can you say "stacked" lineup? I think you can. MC played a heck of a second set. I'm thinking he takes a long time to warm up because he always plays better the second set. Niz and Tony had a nice 2nd set comeback and near victory. E and Goo were playing well when the rain started. Casey was in the home stretch of his 12 hour 3 set marathon 4 singles match and Frank and Lob had about 3 ground strokes each in their pregame warmups before the drops started (bummer eh Lob?). So did everyone see the state rankings. Talk about BS. How are Greenhill and Otsego still rated ahead of us? That is nuts! Also did anyone besides me notice how tight the lines were being called? It's matches like these where as a player you have to rise above your opponent and remember "The Code". And here's my tennis tip of the day: Common sense dictates that you should let the ball hit the ground before you point your finger up or yell "out". How can you call a ball out that hasn't actually landed out yet? Know what I mean? Alex update 18-4.

Division 4 Rankings
1. Grand Rapids North Pte. Christian (2) 
2. Lansing Catholic Central (3) 
3. Ann Arbor Greenhills (1) 
4. Almont (4) 
5. Otsego 
6. Parchment (7) 
7. Flint Powers (5) 
8. Grosse Ile (8) 
9. Essexville Garber (9) 
10. Grandville Calvin Christian
/ University Liggett (10) 
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