Parchment High School

Varsity Mens Tennis

vs Paw Paw

May 2, 2006

PHS tennis
Team Standings

Teams                   Points
Parchment                  6 
Paw Paw                    2

PHS tennis

Individual Standings

Flight        Place
#1 Singles     DEFAULT
#2 Singles     WON
#3 Singles     WON
#4 Singles     WON
#1 Doubles     WON
#2 Doubles     WON
#3 Doubles     WON
#4 Doubles     LOST

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PHS tennis PHS tennis PHS tennis PHS tennis PHS tennis PHS tennis

Coach T's comments: I wasn't there so somebody fill me in. I heard that MC got defaulted by the Paw Paw coach for sneering? From what I heard the real problem was that Paw Paw's #1 player is a major hooker. If this is true then maybe the Paw Paw coach needs to read "THE CODE" and get to the root of the problem by penalizing his own player. At the very least it should be interesting to see how many Parchment fans attend the 5/13 KVA Tournament to closely "watch" Paw Paw's 1 singles player. Let's face it, I'm thinking the era of sportsmanship and courtesy in high school tennis is a thing of the past. Maybe the guiding principles of tennis (The Code) are "old school" and naive, and no longer apply to the Gen X, Gen Me, post baby boomer XBOX lovin' generation. Maybe tennis can no longer continue to survive as an "unofficiated" sport. Maybe it is time to put chair umpires on every court at every high school match in the country. So what does everyone think? I'll be happy to post your comments here. Has sportsmanship and "the code" outlived their time? Is MC a victim of a flawed system? How many high school tennis coaches even teach "the code" anymore? Should they even bother or is it time for athletic directors and the USTA to start working together to police and clean up high school tennis? In the mean time you can always employee the "Tom Wolf Principle". I give my opponent 1 hook per match. Anyone can make one mistake. But on the second hook I ask for a referee. I figure that two hooks is the sign of a discourteous opponent which is in direct violation of Principle #1 of "The Code". Bring on the refs! Bring on the refs! Bring on the refs! Alex is now 19-4 on the season.

PHS tennis PHS tennis PHS tennis PHS tennis PHS tennis PHS tennis

Division 4 Rankings
1. Grand Rapids North Pte. Christian (2) 
2. Lansing Catholic Central (3) 
3. Ann Arbor Greenhills (1) 
4. Almont (4) 
5. Otsego 
6. Parchment (7) 
7. Flint Powers (5) 
8. Grosse Ile (8) 
9. Essexville Garber (9) 
10. Grandville Calvin Christian
/ University Liggett (10) 

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