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KVA Standings as of March 2, 2004

Team       Wins  Losses
K. Christian 10    1
Paw Paw      9    2
Delton       6    5
Pennfield    6    6
Parchment    5    6
Hackett      3    8
G-A          0    11

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2003-2004 Parchment Varsity Basketball Game #19

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Individual Statistics

Player Pts
#11     0   
#13     4
#15     0
#21     5 
#23     5 
#25     0  
#31     0 
#33     11
#35     0  
#41     6
#43     0
#45     5

Article from March 3, 2004 Kalamazoo Gazette

GULL LAKE 53, PARCHMENT 36: At Gull Lake, all five seniors got the start on senior night and helped Gull Lake (16-3) gain a quick lead it never relinquished.

"(Kyle) Kunkel and (Chris) Burns started the game with 3-pointers to give us the lead and (Parchment) hung in there," Blue Devils coach Gary Sprague said. "But we never lost the lead."

Another senior, Nate Whitaker, paced Gull Lake with 12 points, while Austin Patton led Parchment (8-11) with 11 points.

Alex basketball

Tom Wolf commentary: Contrary to the above article Parchment did take a brief 18-17 lead with 40 seconds to go in the first half. Gull Lake scored 4 points in the final 11 seconds of the first half to assume a 21-18 halftime lead. Parchment played man to man defense basically the entire first half. In the second half they were outscored 32-18 while trying a variety of defensive sets. I had Parchment down for only 12 boards for the entire game. I also had them shooting 30.6% from the field as a team while taking almost as many 3-point shots as 2 point shots. Parchment went 0-6 from 3-point land in the second half. As a team they rarely scored off their offensive sets. Most buckets came from players freelancing. Poor pick setting and lack of understanding of what the set plays are designed to accomplish seemed to cripple the offense. Parchment scored zero buckets in transition and had a plethora of turnovers. On the upside I saw a lot of solid effort and positive attitudes from the majority of the Parchment squad. I still think the key is defense. In the first half Parchment played tough defensively holding Gull Lake to 21 points and keeping the Panthers in the game. In the second half Gull Lake's 32 points combined with next to no Parchment offense (in either half) amounted to a 17 point thumping. Gull Lake is a solid team; however, Parchment made them look like a squad of all-stars. Given that Otsego thrashed Pennfield last night, I think it's time for the Panthers to do some soul searching and refocusing prior to the start of the "second season" next week. C'mon guys, it's the state tourney. Something like this only comes around once in a lifetime. Carpe Diem (sieze the day)!! ANYTHING can happen!!!

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Article from March 1, 2004 Kalamazoo Gazette


By Bill Templeton

Not unlike other sports, basketball is a game that provides participants with the opportunity to learn valuable lessons. And the lessons being learned this season by a youth-laden cage squad at Parchment High School could very well be laying the foundation for future success. At least that's the plan being employed by head coach Larry Bailey.

Bailey, one of Parchment's all-time great prep standouts, has used a trio of sophomores - Alex Wolf, Austin Patton, and Matt Chappell - as starters throughout the current season. Wolf and Patton were both on Parchment's varsity roster last season as freshmen, and Chappell has rejoined his classmates this year. "When all three of them have been on the floor (together) from seventh grade up, they hadn't lost a game," Bailey said. "We've run into some injuries and some illnesses and they've lost some ballgames this year, but they're winners." With an eye on the future, the youth movement has been embraced by everyone involved with the Parchment program, according to Bailey. "I put my reputation out on the line by moving two of them up (to varsity) last year and moving (Chappell) up this year," Bailey said. "My seniors have done a great job of accepting them and making us a good ballclub. We've had zero problems."

"I think everybody's handled it pretty well," Chappell said. "They've accepted it and us. A lot of us have been friends for a while and I think they were all just expecting it. We haven't had any bad things happen." Chappell has emerged as one of the Panther's top perimeter scoring threats, complementing the 1-2 offensive punch provided by Wolf and Patton. "He's the wild card," Bailey said. "He's as good an athlete as anybody in the school and we feel he's our third marquee player." Wolf plays the point guard position for the Panthers and has ranked near the top of the KVA scoring chart throughout the current season. His confidence and savvy on the court has even prompted Bailey to label him as "The best true point guard to play (at Parchment)" since 1973 - his senior high school season.

"I've seen a lot of great players come and go, but I think he's the best true point guard," Bailey said. "He makes everybody better." Patton has become a force inside for the Panthers, scoring a season-high 29 points in a game earlier this month against Battle Creek Pennfield. "He's an unbelievable athlete who doesn't even know his own potential yet," Bailey said. "He has a tremendous work ethic, and I just think he's going to be unstoppable."

Playing on the varsity last year as freshmaen was an invaluable experience for both Patton and Wolf. Each is more confortable on the floor this year despite still playing against older boys. "I think it helped a lot," Patton said. "Last year I was a little more quiet because I was a frehman, but this year I know more guys and I know how varsity works. I have more of a handle on it."

"This year's been a big learning experience for me, even bigger than last year," Wolf said. "The team's good, but we're still very young. Next year, we're looking forward to moving up, but we're trying to take it a step at a time."

All three of the super sophs know that the only way Parchment will be able to successfully take the next step and challenge for top honors in the KVA will be through hard work and even better team chemistry. All three are also prepared to see that that happens.

"It's a lot of dedication," Wolf said. "We plan to work the same core group together and just try to get better in every aspect. We're still learning, and we're still coming together. We just want to get a little more used to everybody."

"With three sophomores starting, we feel that maybe the next two years we could be one of those teams that's talked about like the(Kalamazoo) Christian's and Paw Paw's this year," Bailey said. "That's been our goal all along. We think the next couple of years are going to be strong around here and that's what we're counting on."

Player 2PtM 2PtA  % 3PtM 3PtA %  FTM FTA FT% Pts Reb Blk Stl Ast 
#13      1    3   33  0   2   0    2   4  50   4  1   0   0   2               
#23      0    1    0  1   3   33   2   3  67   5  1   0   1   1
#33      3    7   43  0   1   0    5   5  100 11  1   0   1   0
Team     8   22   36  3  14   21  11  17  65  36  12  1   2   4    

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