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2003-2004 Parchment Varsity Basketball Game #22 - PLAYOFF Game #2

Individual Statistics

Player Pts
#11     0   
#13     10
#15     0
#21     5* 
#23     7* 
#25     0  
#31     0 
#33     14
#35     0  
#41     6
#43     0
#45     0

Alex at GA

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Paw Paw, Plainwell advance to final

Friday, March 12, 2004

SOUTH HAVEN -- The Class B district basketball semifinal doubleheader here Thursday night shaped up as a showdown between the Kalamazoo Valley Association and the Wolverine Conference.

The KVA prevailed in the first game as Paw Paw ended Comstock's season, winning 63-44. In the nightcap it was the Wolverine prevailing as Plainwell ousted Parchment from the KVA, 65-42.

Paw Paw (17-5) and Plainwell (8-13) will clash Saturday night at 7 for the district championship. Plainwell outscored Parchment 18-5 in the second quarter, built a 30-14 lead by halftime and cruised to a victory over the Panthers.

"We missed a couple of easy shots inside when the game got pretty physical," said Parchment coach Larry Bailey. "And we were only 3-of-9 from the foul line in the first half. You're not going to win to many that way."

Plainwell had 12 players find the scoring column, led by senior Chad Smith with 12 points, including 8-of-10 from the free throw line. Seth Salinas chipped in with 10 points.

Parchment (10-12) was led by a pair of sophomores, Austin Patton, who had 14 points, and Alex Wolf, who added 10.

Alex at GA

Coach T comments: Tuesday we showed some potential; however, Thursday we were back to our old habits. Plainwell had 7 offensive boards in the first quarter alone and netted 10 of their 12 first quarter points from the paint. The road to a district championship starts with defense. Poor shooting, poor rebounding, poor defense, and NERVES all played significant rolls in P-town loosing to Plainwell. Did any of you ballers out there mark March 12, 2004 on your calendar? That was the first day you had to start getting ready for the 2004-2005 MHSAA high school basketball season. Where are you at now? What have you done so far? Have you been working on your foot speed, your conditioning, your quickness, your strength, your defensive positioning, your vertical, your handles (and I don't mean "love"), your court vision, your fundamentals? What have YOU been doing since March 12th?

Not to short K. Christian because they ALWAYS have a great post season, but in closing I want to give special props to the Paw Paw squad for a great 2003-4 playoff run. You could make an argument for all 5 of their starters being all-KVA because they definitely play some HIGH QUALITY team basketball. On any given night any one of their starting five could be the hero. They have some awesome team chemistry and have made the KVA proud this off season.

In closing I want to remind all my P-town ballers to "stay clean" and set some goals. Work hard to improve yourself between now and next year. And it doesn't have to be basketball related. Pick any aspect of your life, set some goals, and work hard to achieve them. Even if you don't reach your goals you will still be a better person for having tried. Carpe Diem. "I'M OUT", Coach Wolf

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FINAL STANDINGS: KVA Basketball Scoring Leaders


  • 1) Austin Patton, Parchment 14.6
  • 2) Nathan Farrell, Delton 13.7
  • 3) Brad Craig, Hackett 13.0
  • 4) Alex Wolf, Parchment 12.6
  • 5) Derrick Mitchell, Paw Paw 11.7
  • 6) Matt Triemstra, Christian 11.4
  • 6) Ryan Curtis, Paw Paw 11.4


  • 1) Farrell, Delton 50
  • 2) Triemstra, Christian 34
  • 3) Cory Schug, G-A 32
  • 4) Matt Peshl, Paw Paw 28
  • 5) Drew Virkus, Christian 23
  • 6) Ben Holdridge, Parchment 21
  • 7) Ryan Zwier, Christian 20
  • 8) Chris Stephens, Hackett 18
  • 9) Steve Herder, Christian 15
  • 10) Phil Owen, Pennfield 14

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