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STORM CLASSIC - Cornerstone University: 
Grand Rapids, MI(April 22-24)
       GM1) Friday LOSS vs Lightning 51-53
       GM2) Friday WIN vs Zeeland 53-45
       GM3) Saturday WIN vs West Michigan Lakers 69-57 
            Palmstats: Zach 1 pt, Brian 4 pts, Jimmy 8 pts, Garon 2 pts, 
                       Matt G. 7 pts, Korey 18 pts, Jasper 3 pts, Alex 8 pts,
                       Andy 2 pts, David 16 pts.
       GM4) Sunday WIN vs West Michigan Lakers 73-51
       GM5) Sunday LOSS vs Lightning 62-67
ADIDAS SHOWCASE - Cleveland State University: 
Cleveland, OH(May 7-9) 
       GM1) Saturday WIN vs Northeast Ohio Storm 51-40
       GM2) Saturday WIN vs Next Level 46-42
       GM3) Saturday WIN vs Bryant AC 51-42
       GM4) Sunday LOSS vs Grand Rapids Lightning 29-34
       Click here for pictures.  
GLASS CITY SHOOTOUT - University of Toledo:
Toledo, OH(May 14-16)
       GM1) Saturday WIN vs West Michigan Elite 77-51
       GM2) Saturday WIN vs Cincinnati ice 82-69 
            Palmstats: Zach 5 pt, Brian 2 pts, James 15 pts, Shane 8 pts,  
                       Matt 2 pts, Korey 12 pts, Jasper 12 pts, Alex 9 pts,
                       Andy 2 pts, David 12 pts.
       GM3) Saturday WIN vs Alliance 65-51
       GM4) Sunday WIN vs Michigan Hurricanes 57-53
            Palmstats: Zach 16 pt, Brian 5 pts, James 2 pts, Shane 3 pts,  
                       Matt 2 pts, Korey 4 pts, Jasper 4 pts, Alex 11 pts,
                       Andy 2 pts, David 8 pts.
       GM5) Sunday LOSS vs Grand Rapids Storm 66-40
       Notables:  After the three victories on Saturday CDBA 16's took the 
                  number one seeding into Sunday's single elimination.
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Kalamazoo, MI(May 21-23)
       GM1) Friday Win vs West Michigan Lakers 63-53
       GM2) Friday Loss vs Big Eekay Sports 37-54
       GM3) Saturday Win vs Brighton 70-58
       GM4) Saturday Win vs Macomb County Cougars 64-54
       GM5) Sunday Loss vs Grand Rapids Storm 44-47
       Click here for pictures. 
Ft. Wayne, IN(May 28-30)
       GM1) Friday LOSS vs Common Bond 50-64
       GM2) Saturday WIN vs Fort Wayne Select 70-62
       GM3) Saturday LOSS vs Indy Metros 61-66
       GM4) Sunday LOSS vs Nebraska High 5 57-70
       Click here for pictures. 
       Notables: Jasper didn't make the trip.
HOOSIER SHOOTOUT - Warren Central Fieldhouse: 
Indianapolis,IN(July 8-10)
       GM1) Thursday LOSS vs Spiece ECI Elite 91-60
       GM2) Thursday LOSS in OT vs Minnesota Select
       GM3) Friday LOSS by 25 vs Gateway Basketball
       GM4) Friday 6:40 PM FORFEIT/LOSS
       Click here for pictures. 
       Notables: Korey and David didn't make the trip and Zach had to leave Thursday.
ADIDAS TOURNAMENT - South Bend Notre Dame:
       GM1) Friday LOSS vs Cincinnati AAU
       GM2) Friday LOSS vs Indiana Elite
       GM3) Friday LOSS vs. Grand Rapids Lightning
       GM4) Saturday LOSS
       Notables: Took a combined U16s/U17s 14 player team.
REEBOK BIG TIME - Las Vegas,NV(July 22-26)
       GM1) Thursday 7/22 LOSS vs Alamo City Spurs from Texas 53-65
       GM2) Friday 7/23 WIN vs Pueblo East from Colorado 59-46
       GM3) Friday 7/23 WIN vs Valencia Tigers from California 56-48
       GM4) Saturday 7/24 LOSS vs UConn Junior Huskies from Connecticut 62-72
       Notables: Korey didn't make the trip.
       Click here for "official" tournament results and for U16 pictures.

Overall            16-14
Thursdays           0-3
Fridays             4-4
Saturdays          10-2
Trophydays (Sunday) 2-5

Team Roster

#       Name               School 
4       Hurn, Zach         Portage Northern 
8       Horn, Brian        Lansing Waverly 
14      Strunk, Jimmy      East Kentwood 
21      Gregory, Matt      Gull Lake 
24      Wagonmaker, Korey  Mattawan 
25      Bibbs, Jasper      Lansing Sexton 
35      Story, Shane       Marshall 
42      Wolf, Alex         Parchment 
51      Mains, Andy        Gull Lake 
52      Clore, David       St. Joseph 

Team Photo

"The original CDBA Squad" (just kidding)

Click HERE to go to the "official" Camp Darryl Basketball Academy web site where you can read about CDBA stars like Jon Yeazel (picture below) who will sign with Division 1 MAC powerhouse Central Michigan University. With the exception of his 8 games against WMU, lets hope Jon has a great 4 years at CMU (just kidding Jon)!!

All tournament trophy

Below is a picture of Alex with his Grand Rapids Storm All-Tournament Team Trophy followed by a complete list of the tournament's 16's and 17's all-tournament selections.

All tournament trophy

17 and under All Tournament Team:
Jakari Johnson             Grand Rapids Storm
K’Len Morris               Mustangs- Oden
David Kool                 Mustangs- Oden
Brent Jones                Glass City
Joseph Young               Mustangs- Allison 
16 and under All Tournament Team:
James Tiemeyer             Grand Rapids Storm
Alex Wolf                  Camp Darryl
Scott Jungling             Zeeland
Steve Smith                Flyers/Lightning
Javon Turley               Flyers/Lightning

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