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2004-2005 Parchment Varsity Basketball Game #4 versus Hackett

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Wolf leads Parchment past Hackett

Saturday, December 18, 2004

A trio of Parchment juniors jumped all over Hackett Catholic Central early in the Panthers' 61-43 road win Friday in a Kalamazoo Valley Association showdown.

Juniors Alex Wolf, Matt Chappell and Austin Patton combined for 37 points and were instrumental in opening a 34-18 halftime lead. Wolf, a guard, paced all scorers with 16 points, followed by Patton's 11 and Chappell's 10.

Parchment improves to 4-0 overall and 3-0 in the KVA, while the Irish slip to 1-3 and 0-2, respectively. Hackett junior guard Trey Conner scored 12 points to lead the Irish.

PHS basketball

Individual Statistics

Player Pts
#11     3*   
#13     2
#15     16*
#21     3*
#23     10* 
#25     3*  
#31     9 
#33     11*
#41     2
#43     2
* = 3-pointer

Coach T comments: Awesome 3 quarters of basketball. For most of the game P-town had Hackett doubled up on the scoreboard. It wasn't until the 4th when we seemed to go a little flat on both ends of the floor, letting Hackett cut the lead to under 20. I know this is going to sound like a broken record but, again, everyone played well. The General, MC, Big Ben, Big Easy, and Richie were everywhere on both ends of the floor. Of note: MC was exceptional on D. Mitch worked hard for some good looks. Big Easy was his usual silky smooth self contributing solid minutes on both ends and logging the best post move of any Panther this season (by far). I had Alex down for 6 for 11 shooting from the field and 3 for 5 from the charity stripe with 16 points, 3 rebounds, 4 steals, and 9 assists.

PHS basketball

Coach T's TATI(take on areas to improve): One word: Intensity. We got up early but seemed to have trouble maintaining our intensity level, especially in the 4th quarter when we switched from run and gun to the slow up offense. The bottom line is that we need to be able to play run and gun and also have the patience to slow things down, take care of the ball, and run sets, because Christian knows our strength is that we push the ball up the floor so they probably aren't goin gto let us do that for 32 minutes straight. Intensity fellas. Intensity, concentration, patience, and HARD WORK for 32 minutes every night.

One play that stuck in my mind and that made me laugh was when Al S. got called for a foul and he didn't know what he did so he asked the ref and the ref just shrugged his shoulders. Al laughed it off which was a GREAT thing to do. You can't let the refs get in your head with possible bad calls here and there. There's too much else going on to also spend time dwelling on officiating, right? All in all a good game, no, a GREAT game!!

PHS basketball

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