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2004-2005 Parchment Varsity Basketball Game #6 versus Schoolcraft

PHS basketball

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Wolf's buzzer-beater lifts Parchment

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

By Del Newell 388-2732

Alex Wolf scored 46 points in 64 minutes over a 24-hour period.

But Parchment's junior guard scored the biggest points of his prep basketball career with no time showing on the scoreboard, lifting the Panthers to a dramatic 56-55 come-from-behind win over Schoolcraft Tuesday night in Parchment's gym.

Trailing 55-54 with eight seconds left, Parchment center Alex Serafini grabbed a rebound after a missed free throw, passed out to Wolf, who dashed down the court, sliced to the basket and laid the ball against the glass as the buzzer went off.

"I had to get to the rim, that was the plan," Wolf said. "I was going to drive, maybe get fouled. This was the biggest thrill of my high school career." "He's a coach on the floor, he knew what he had to do," Parchment coach Larry Bailey said after Wolf's shot heard 'round Parchment gave the Panthers the win in the final of the second annual Legends Tournament.

"He played the full game last night and scored 27 points. I was planning on resting him some tonight, but when I found out (Austin) Patton was sick and home in bed, I couldn't give him a break," Bailey said. Instead, Wolf broke Schoolcraft's heart, scoring 19 points -- 11 coming in the final quarter -- and produced Parchment's last seven points.

PHS basketball

Parchment, now 6-0, only led twice in the game (2-0 and 14-12) before the end. \Schoolcraft (3-2) led by as many as 11 points twice and outmuscled the smaller Panthers most of the evening. Brandon Ritchie, a force inside and out, pumped in 24 points and 6-foot-7 junior Ryan Chambers came off the bench and laid in 14 and grabbed a team-high nine rebounds.

But Schoolcraft misfired on five free-throw chances in the fourth quarter and turned the ball over at crucial times. "We turned the ball over too much (16)," Schoolcraft coach Randy Small said. "If we take care of the ball and finish some of our puppies, it's not a one-possession game at the end."

Serafini had 14 big points and sub, junior Craig Burgardt, hit back-to-back shots from the corners that keyed a 13-2 Parchment run midway through the second half.

PHS basketball

Individual Statistics

Individual Statistics

Player Pts  ShotAtt 2-pt 3-pt FTA FTM Reb Assists Stls TOs Blks/b>
#13     2     3      1    0    0   0    2    3       1   0    0       
#15    19    15      4    2    6   5    6    4       1   2    0 
#21     6     9      3    0    0   0    3    2       3   0    1 
#23     8    10      1    1    3   3    0    0       1   2    1  
#25     5     3      1    1    0   0    0    1       0   0    1 
#31    14    10      7    0    0   0    5    0       3   3    2 
#35     0     0      0    0    0   0    1    0       0   0    0      
#41     0     1      0    0    0   0    3    1       0   1    0     
#43     2     2      1    0    0   0    2    0       0   1    1      
* = 3-pointer

PHS basketball

Coach T comments: TOTAL TEAM VICTORY!!! I think I can sum up this game by using a quote from my favorite big time wrestler, which seems especially appropriate given the physicality of this game. So here goes with a big Ric Flair, the Nature Boy "WOOOOOOOO!"? What else needs to be said? Craig B (the Berginator) gets my game ball for his energy and clutch shooting at a time when the the bough was really bending. Richie (nice box out baby) and MC (way to draw the charge again) also brought huge energy on both ends, and, of course, the Big Easy was silky smooth in the post, many times finding himself surrounded by 4 guards. Nice 14 big fella!! "The Doctor" (MD) looks like he is starting to feel more comfortable out there and in the starting role Zras came up HUGE when his Panther teammates really needed him to. I mean HUGE! From Big Easy winning the tip right, to Richie wanting to square off against Schoolcraft's #50, to Ben's timely foul in the final seconds, and finally the very dramatic last second lefty layup, it was a game for the ages. Definitely the MOST EXCITING P-town varsity boys basketball victory I've seen in my 7 years as a P-towner. So lets end this with another quote from a big time wrestler. This times it's Goldberg with a big "WHO'S NEXT?". YEAH!! As for Alex's stats (I have to do something to keep from yelling at the refs) I had him down for 19 points on 4 of 10 from 2pt land, 2 of 5 from 3ville, and 5 of 6 from the charity stripe, 6 boards, 1 steal and 4 assists.

PHS basketball

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  • Champions take a stand for what is right, even when they stand alone.
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  • Champions understand winning is not the only thing.
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