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2004-2005 Parchment Varsity Basketball Game #?? versus XXXXXXX

PHS basketball

"Todd and the squad team up"

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At Parchment, Alex Wolf paid attention in practice as the junior guard scored a game-high 27 in the win. "(Delton) always plays man-to-man defense and they came out with a zone," Parchment coach Larry Bailey said. "We fortunately practiced a little bit of zone this week." Ben Holdridge also scored 11 points, including three 3-pointers, for Parchment (8-4, 5-2). Nathan Farrell led Delton (4-9, 2-5) with 15 points.

PHS basketball

"Alex was 9 for 11 from 2pt land"

Individual Statistics

Player Pts
#13     5*
#15     27*
#21     11***
#23     5 
#31     2 
#33     8
#43     2
* = 3-pointer

PHS basketball

"Alex strips Farrell to start the fast break"

Coach T comments: YES! YES! YES! Awesome game!! P-town played 32 solid minutes of team basketball. The ball movement was GREAT! The cutting without the ball was GREAT! The attacking of the basket was GREAT! Last game we shot less than 10 free throws. This game Alex shot 10 just by himself. I knew the results would be totally different if the squad was more aggressive in attacking the basket. The General was a ROCK inside and drew a lot of attention from the Delton players. MC was all over the floor. I give both of you the "Game Ball" for doing all the little things that made a HUGE difference in this game. When Roach wasn't dropping treys he had some of the SWEETEST passes I've seen all year. Speaking of passes, Alex, nice 3/4ths court bounce pass through traffic to MC on the baseline. I'm still amazed that pass got through. Hopefully this game will just be the start of a P-town winning streak that will run right through Gull Lake, Paw Paw, and KC!!!

PHS basketball

"Mitch's post move drew a Delton foul"

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