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2004-2005 Parchment Varsity Basketball Game #15 versus Gull Lake

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"This trey attempt, like the Parchment team, fell short of it's goal."

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Gull Lake powers past Parchment

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

It took a little over one quarter Tuesday evening in Parchment's gym before coach Gary Sprague's Gull Lake basketball team got tired of playing close games. The top-ranked Class B team in the Gazette's area ratings had had three close games in its last four. And after a quarter Tuesday night, Gull Lake trailed 9-6.

But the Blue Devils clamped down on defense and opened up on offense, turning a 21-18 halftime lead into a 52-33 nonleague victory over Parchment. "I was kind of worried that they would penetrate and dish, so I told them we would have to cut off the gaps," said Sprague of the defensive strategy by the Blue Devils.

Everything worked as Alex Wolf, Parchment's master penetrator, was in foul trouble, plus was harassed on defense by Aaron Koldyke and seemingly a cast of thousands, and the Panthers' inside game was all but nonexistent. Adam Mayhew, meanwhile, led Gull Lake's charge on offense, pouring in 18 points, with three of the baskets coming on the payoff end of fastbreaks. Mayhew had 16 of his points in the second half as Gull Lake's depth wore down the smaller Panthers.

"Mayhew's one of the best players around, but you don't hear about him," said Sprague after Gull Lake had raised its record to 14-1. "But he can do everything. Shoot the ball, go right or left, rebound and play great defense. This is his third year on the varsity. He's an awesome player for me." Playmaking junior guard Josh Beeke added 10 points and 10 of the 15 Gull Lake players scored. "Twelve kids played in the first half and every player (of the 15) played at least two minutes tonight," Sprague said.

One of the subs, Brandon Rieger, rebounded a missed layup by Josh Beeke and laid it in at the buzzer ending the third quarter, giving Gull Lake a 10-point lead at 37-27. "They just wear you down," Parchment coach Larry Bailey said. "There's a total difference in their physical size and ours.

"I knew we were in trouble when in the pre-game introductions four of their five starters came over to shake my hand and when I saw how big they were, I said 'Whoa!' " Wolf finished with a team-high nine points for Parchment (10-5), although he was unable to shake free of Gull Lake defenders and launched only two shots in the second half. Matt Richards came off the bench and had eight points for the Panthers, who were held to nine points in each of the first three quarters and six points on 1-of-10 floor shooting in the fourth.

"They're state-ranked and No. 1 in the area and you can see why," Bailey said. "I'm not disappointed. The effort was there by my kids."

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"After the big hand shake with one of his former AAU teammates, Alex's current AAU teammate "Big Country" won the tip"

Individual Statistics

Player Pts
#11     0   
#13     0
#15     9
#21     3*
#23     2 
#25     0  
#31     4 
#33     7
#35     0  
#41     0
#43     8
#45     0
* = 3-pointer

PHS basketballPHS basketball

"JB aka "Cash Money" had plenty of good looks at treys, while Alex went the drive, get swarmed, then pass route"

Coach T comments: Quality wins. You always here the guys on TV talking about strength of schedule and quality wins. Well to tell you the truth we may finish the season with a 12-8 or 13-7 record but the bottom line is we have yet to get a "quality win". Anyone look at the Gazette class B ratings and notice that we are ranked 10th out of 20 teams even though we have 10 wins and only 2 of the 9 teams ranked above us has also reached double digits in victories (Paw Paw with 10 and Gull Lake with 13, no 14). Apparently the Gazette has noticed that we don't have any quality wins either. You get quality wins by elevating your game against top notch opponents. Elevating your game starts when you put on your "game face", sometimes the morning you wake up on game day, but at the very least, when you take the court for pregame warmups. As for the game itself, well, all I can say is yuk.

PHS basketballPHS basketball

"AW does JB (aka "Cash Money"), then JB does MC"

Kalamazoo Vally Association Leaders (2/08/2005)



PHS basketballPHS basketball

"Something stinks. Yep, that would be the Parchment play in the second half as GL blew the game wide open."

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What is a Champion?

A Championís Creed...

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"AW with the reach in foul. The Major with the charge. And one of the many many treys P-towners hucked up in the second half as they got away from their first half strategy of good ball movement inside and out."

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