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2004-2005 Parchment Varsity Basketball Game #16 versus Bridgman

PHS basketball

"The old 33 checks out the new 33"

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At Parchment, the combo of Dan Knude and Tyler Weaver was too much for the Panthers (10-6). Knude scored 17 of Bridgman's first 22 points and finished with a game-high 24, while Weaver scored all 15 in the second half. "We paid so much attention to Kunde, then Weaver got us," Parchment coach Larry Bailey said. Alex Wolf was the lone Parchment player in double-figures with 13 points.

PHS basketball

"Number 20 had a career game scoring 23 points"

Individual Statistics

Player Pts
#13     8
#15     13
#21     8
#23     3 
#25     6  
#31     4 
#33     9
#41     1
* = 3-pointer

PHS basketball

"Where will P-town find some height?"

Coach T comments: Nice 3-1/2 quarters of basketball. Nice comeback. Nice effort against a much much taller team. But down the stretch our 4 guard offense missed a boat load of treys and dropped a tough one to a solid Bridgman squad. Austin was there. The only problem was that he was sitting on the wrong side of the court as his season ended earlier this week for reasons unknown to me. But fear not because there's a new 33 in town and he goes by the nickname of PJ. PJ played AWESOME BABY!! HE'S A PTPer BABY!! PJ, Richie, and Alex did a nice job of slashing to the hoop and drawing some fouls. When those three were attacking the basket we put some fear into the Bridgman coaching staff. But old habits die hard and in the end we shot ourselves out of this game via the ole 3 ball. I guess if you can't beat em join em. Let's just dub this the "Season of the Trey". And who knows, if the team gets hot down the stretch we may even do a little damage in the KVA and/or districts. Who knows?!?!

PHS basketball

"Shad and the Doctor do the Bridgman shuffle"

Austin, as much as I'm going to miss seeing you on the court the rest of this season, I do sincerely hope there's a silver lining in all this and that next year you will come back strong and once again lead the KVA in scoring and rebounding. It would be a nice way to finish your career at PHS.

PHS basketball

"Alex was all smiles before the season started but now that the season is winding down it time for P-town to start focusing on my favorite time of the year, high school basketball's "second season"!"

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PHS basketball

"Parchment is considering bringing up this former Portage Middle School Colt"

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