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2004-2005 Parchment Varsity Basketball Game #17 versus G-A

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"Richie skys in the paint"

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At Galesburg, Parchment outscored G-A 20-10 in the third quarter to create enough cushion to cruise. Parchment's guards dominated as Alex Wolf scored 20 and Matt Chappell added 18. "Their quickness was too much for us," G-A coach Mike Woodard said. G-A (7-12, 2-10) was led by Kevin Roe's 14 points. Cory Schug scored 11 and Cory Boersma had 10. Parchment (11-6, 8-2) also received 11 points from Ben Holdridge.

PHS basketball

"PJ with the steal and the finish"

Individual Statistics

Player Pts
#13     9
#15     20**
#21     11***
#23     18* 
#33     7*
* = 3-pointer

PHS basketball

"The next generation of P-Town Pride"

Coach T comments: Parchment sandwiched some MC between a double dose of Alex and GA didn't know what hit them. With MC playing a solid game (with the exception of that foul with 1.8 seconds left in the first half) on both ends of the floor, Wolfy starting the second half with about 6 assists in the first 7 possessions, and Big Easy controlling the boards (I'm guessing he had about 10 rebs) GA was never really in the game. I also liked the ball movement on offense and the full court pressure of Ben and Richie. Todd contributed some solid minutes as did Mitch, Zraz, and Craig. And nobody plays with the enthusiasm of the newest varsity player, PJ. Solid solid game by everyone. It was arguably your best game of the year! ].

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"Ben chewing on a Coach B comment"

Kalamazoo Vally Association Leaders (2/15/2005)


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"Alex drops a dime"


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"You want me to run what?"

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