Parchment High School

2004-2005 Parchment Varsity Basketball Game #18 versus Berrien Springs

PHS basketball

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At Parchment, Shelby Wood dropped in two free throws with six seconds left to lift Berrien Springs to a nonleague win over Parchment. Three players scored in double figures for Parchment (11-7): Alex Wolf had 15, Matt Chappell 13 and P.J. Withrow 10. Wood finished with a game-high 29 points for the Shamrocks, who led 28-27 at halftime and 47-42 entering the final quarter. Matt Demier added 16 points for Berrien Springs (12-7).

PHS basketball

"P-town was feeling good when they took the lead late in the game."

Individual Statistics

             2-pt     3-pt     FT 
Player Pts  Att/Md   Att/Md  Att/Md  Reb  Assists Stls
#11     DNP
#13     6     4/3      2/0     0/0    1      0      0
#15    15    13/5      3/1     2/2    5      7      3    
#21     0     1/0      1/0     0/0    0      0      0
#23    13     5/4      3/1     2/2    2      2      2
#25     3     1/0      2/1     0/0    0      1      0      
#31     2     4/1      0/0     0/0    1      0      0 
#33    10     2/2      3/2     2/0    3      1      2 
#41     1     1/1      0/0     0/0    1      0      0      
#43     7     3/1      1/1     2/2    4      0      0
#45     0     0/0      0/0     0/0    0      0      0
Totals 59    33/16    16/7     8/6   17     11      7    

PHS basketball

"Again, is something funny?"

Coach T comments: Last night P-town look razer sharp. But tonight it appeared that back to back games were catching up with the Panthers. They played tough but the turnovers were a little high and the number of box outs was a little low (OK, a lot low) and in the end an Alex trey with a Shamrock on his shoulder fell short left and the "Rocks" came away with a 2 point victory. Honest fellas, I liked the effort. I thought EVERYONE was working hard. My Alex didn't shoot well at 6 for 16 even though I liked his shot selection. Some nights they go and some nights they don't. Last night every shot was dropping. Tonight that wasn't the case. The mark of a great team is that they can win even when the shots aren't dropping. How? Well it all starts with "D". If you want to be successful with the 4 guard offense then you are going to have to have 5 GUYS boxing out and rebounding and you are going to have to be very careful about "going for the steal". Plain and simple you are too short to try to play 5 against 4 (after missed steals). Guys are rotating well after someone gets beat by their man, but the guy who got beat has to bust his rear to get back and help board and that's not happening. Come on over and watch some game tape if you don't believe me. So here's my challenge to all you "guards" and at last count I'm thinking we have basically 7 guards, 2 forwards, and a center. I challenge EACH of you to get at least 5 rebounds every game. If each of you gets 5 rebounds I guarantee you will come away with W's against 2Paws and KC and, of course, the big prize, the KVA title! Go P-Town!! Oh, and one more thing. I also challenge you to get at least double digets in free throw attempts. I'm not talking about individually. I'm talking about as a team. As a team you only shot 8 free throws against Berrien Springs. No way you win any game at any level if you are only shooting 8 free throws.

PHS basketball

"The smiles disappeared along with the lead."

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PHS basketball

"Coach, Richie can't play the 4."

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PHS basketball

"C'mon ref I was fouled on that last second shot."

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