Parchment High School

2004-2005 Parchment Varsity Basketball Game #19 versus Kalamazoo Christian

PHS basketball

"Is that a hand in the middle of Big Easy's back?"

Article from Tuesday

Benton Harbor, Mattawan highlight final hoops week

This is the final week of the regular season in prep basketball and there are some big games on tap before March Madness kicks off Feb. 28......... Kalamazoo Christian (9-1) has to win tonight at Parchment and Friday at Battle Creek Pennfield to grab at least a share of the Kalamazoo Valley Association title. And Paw Paw (10-1) needs a win at Parchment on Friday to stay on top.

PHS basketball

"Richie takes Steve to the RACK"

Article from Wednesday

Panthers on prowl

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

By Del Newell

And the band played on. Parchment's pep band, that is, long after the Kalamazoo Christian at Parchment basketball game had ended with the Panthers pulling off a stunning 43-39 upset Tuesday night.

"We scouted them (Kalamazoo Christian) three times and played them once and every time they went on 15-1, 16-1, 19-1 runs early," Parchment coach Larry Bailey said. "The crowd gets out of it and the band leaves." Not Tuesday night. Parchment not only survived the early minutes, but it controlled the tempo of the game most of the evening with a weave offense, mixture of matchup zones on defense and hustle on loose balls and long rebounds.

"We knew we had to survive the first three or four minutes," said Parchment junior guard Alex Wolf, who had a game-high 21 points and scored 10 points at crunch time in the fourth quarter after Christian had overcome a seven-point deficit and tied the game at 38. "Later we lived off the crowd, adrenalin and the band," Wolf said. "I can't even believe this, it's amazing. Everybody on our team stepped up defensively and offensively."

"We beat a great team in Christian and we're excited about that," Bailey said after Parchment had shook up the top of the Kalamazoo Valley Association standings. "That doesn't happen very often. Now if we can beat in the same week the two best teams in the league over the last couple of years, then we deserve a share of the title." With the win, Parchment moved into a share of second with Christian with a 9-2 KVA record, one game behind Paw Paw, which Parchment hosts Friday night.

Parchment worked its weave to perfection, using an economy of shots to take a 10-8 lead after a quarter, 22-20 at halftime (after three ties and 10 lead changes) and carry a 29-25 advantage going into the fourth. The Panthers (12-7) took only 12 shots in the first half, but connected on nine. For the game, Parchment was a sizzling 17-of-25 (68 percent) compared to Christian's 12-of-44 showing (27.3 percent). Christian (16-3), down, 38-32, with 3:26 left, staged a whirlwind comeback and caught Parchment at 38. But then Wolf dropped in two free throws and Matt Richards -- who was 4-for-4 shooting from the field -- scored in close.

"J.D. Triemstra was just tremendous in the fourth quarter," Christian coach Jerry Mastenbrook said. "He tried to will us to a win." Triemstra had 10 of his team-high 12 points in the final quarter. "But give a lot of credit to Parchment," Mastenbrook said. "They executed their game plan well. They held us to five points in the third quarter. We needed to play tougher earlier. We played plenty tough the last four minutes."

Wolf, who scored a final-second, game-winning layup against Schoolcraft earlier in the season, said: "This is 100 times better. Nobody thought we were going to win."

PHS basketball

"PJ with a HUGE bucket"

Individual Statistics

Player Pts
#13     8
#15     21*
#21     5*
#23     2
#31     4  
#43     1
#51     2
* = 3-pointer

PHS basketball

"A-Rice takes a defender off the dribble"

Coach T comments: OK, a couple weeks back I wrote about “quality wins”. Well guess what? YOU DID IT!!! Boo Yeah!! And this was the quality win of quality wins. KC! Do you believe in miracles? 25 years to the day of "The Miracle on Ice" you guys pulled off a miracle of sorts. You knocked off KC!! YEAH YEAH! Everyone know who Ric Flair is? You know, “The Nature Boy”. Well I think he pretty much summed up the game as good as I can with a great big Ric Flair “WOOOOOO!!! WOOOOO!!”. Go outside right now and scream it out loud. “WOOOOO!!!”.

OK, time for roll call. So who besides me heard “The Doctor” call glass? C'mon. I heard it. Hey, the bank was open and Mitch made the biggest deposit of the season. Can I get a nice loud Navy “Hoo-ahh” for Mitch’s free throw. Mitch, you da man! Hoo-ahh!! Nate, Shad, and ZRaz I know you wanted to be out there. Well guess what? You were out there. Every time you pushed one of your teammates in practice you made them better players. It was because of your efforts in practice that we came away with a W tonight. Hoo-ahh Bon, Zraz, and Shad. Hoo-ahh! And I’ll give PJ, aka “Crunch Time” another “Hoo-ahh” for the wicked slash to the basket during (of course) crunch time. Very very timely bucket. Hoo-ahh PJ we couldn't have won that game without you! And my boy MC. MC I love you man. Win or loose I always know you are going to leave it on the court. That’s what I love about you MC. You play with more heart than anyone else I know. Hoo-ahh to my boy MC!

But my biggest HOO-AHH of the night goes out to THE SENIORS. SENIORS!! HOO-AHH!! Yeah baby yeah, "The Big Easy", Craig “B-train” Burgardt, Big "Game" Ben, and, of course, Richie “Skywalker” Richards, you guys played a HUGE HUGE game. The game of games. The greatest game I’ve every seen in that gym. And you can’t even take time to celebrate because come Wednesday AM it’s time to put your game faces back on and start “workin”. Workin HARD over the next two days so that come Friday night you can call a “re do” and take it to the 2Paws the same as you just "did" KC. Then Friday night about 9:30 PM you can start thinking about how much fun it will be to hoist a number up onto the wall of the PHS gym. A number that will hang on the wall of that gym longer than it’s going to take for Big Easy to ever beat me in a one-on-one game (ha!!). Yes we are talking a looong looong time! A number that will let all the generations to follow know that the squad of 2004-2005 had GAME! MAD game! They were WINNERS! They are WINNERS!! So here’s a HUGE HUGE “Hoo-ahh” for THE SENIORS. Come Friday I expect all 4 of you to bring it. Bring it and leave it on the court in OUR HOUSE!!

And finally I’ve got to give one more honorary “Hoo-ahh” to the folks who played the 6th man roll better than I’ve ever seen it played. And that would be “THE BAND”. OUR BAND ROCKS!!!! P-Town band members, you kept the gym ROCKING for four strong quarters. You ROCK! You RULE! HOO-AHH Band, HOO-AHH!!

Geeze, I almost forgot to give my favorite P-towner some props. The kid who has to live with my sh--- in his face almost every day. The kid who literally wears his "P-town Pride" on his chesk, my best bud Alex, aka Al Wolf. Alex, work on those throws boy! Nah, I’m just kidding. Alex, you made your old (very old) man proud. Then again, win or lose I'm always proud of you, but especially tonight I thought you brought it and you left it and you know I wouldn’t have accepted anything less. Love you kid! I love all my P-town ballas!! We ballin boys! We ballin boys!

Kalamazoo Vally Association Leaders (2/22/2005)