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2004-2005 Parchment Varsity Basketball Game #22 versus Otsego

District Finals

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Withrow plays super soph for Parchment

Saturday, March 05, 2005

PLAINWELL -- "In tournament time," Otsego basketball coach Mark Haase said, "you really need a kid to have a career game. That's definitely what that kid had tonight. "I don't even know his name; I just know he's a sophomore." His name is P.J. Withrow, and he'll likely never pay for lunch again in Parchment after scoring 29 points to lead the Panthers to a 64-46 Class B district championship victory Friday.

He came off the bench in just his seventh varsity game and sank his first three shots before going totally unconscious from beyond the arc as Parchment (14-8) captured its first district title in five years. "He's hit his first shot in six of the seven games he's played for me," said Parchment coach Larry Bailey. "He doesn't really know the offense, doesn't exactly know where to be on defense and, to be honest with you, it might be a good thing because I thought we came out flat again and I just told him to play.

Withrow made four-of-five 3-point attempts in the first half, including two in the last 25 seconds (one a buzzer-beater) and then scored 11 points in the fourth quarter to preserve the victory. And if it weren't for Withrow, the Panthers likely would have fallen to an Otsego squad that stunned Comstock on Wednesday and played well enough to win again Friday. The Bulldogs held Parchment's Alex Wolf to 11 points and were able to overcome an early 15-point deficit to make the game interesting for a while. But Wolf made Otsego pay by creating plays off the dribble, which led to more open space for Withrow.

PHS basketball

"I definitely thought we had a shot," Haase said. "We played well on Wednesday and had a really good week of practice, but what we wanted to do we couldn't do tonight, and that's obviously a credit to them. It wasn't a lack of effort." Justin Fisher-Short scored eight of his 10 points during an Otsego run in the second quarter, while Stephen Flickinger added 11 points before fouling out in the fourth. Alex Sleeman, the Bulldogs' top offensive weapon, was held to just five points.

"We came out in a box-and-one on Mr. Sleeman. How many coaches come out in a box-and-one on a team that's won four games?" Bailey said. "A coach that respects him, because he's a heck of a player." Bailey seems to have one on his hands - for two more years, too. "We would've taken him the entire season, but we were heavy at the guard spot. Then we lost a couple of players and webrought him up," Bailey said of Withrow.

"(Craig) Burkhardt hurt himself in the first half and he probably would've gotten some of P.J.'s minutes, because he's hit some shots for us. But I had nowhere else to go, right? So I threw P.J. in there and he had 29. "Players like that make coaches look really good."

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Individual Statistics

Player Pts
#11     1     
#13     6
#15    11*
#21     4
#23     7* 
#31     4
#33    29***** 
#43     2
* = 3-pointer

PHS basketball

Coach T comments: Legacy. After their Class B district championship victory I told the seniors they had just stamped their legacy on Parchment. This is the first Class B district championship in 16 years. Way to go seniors. Heck, way to go entire team. I know PJ had the hot hand and the hot night but it was truly a team victory. Great ball movement. Great shot selection. Good boarding. Terrific defense. Massive energy from start to finish. I love this team. I really love this team. Everyone contributed to the victory. I know the Gazette gave "Crunch Time" a well deserved "game ball". I would like to give out a couple extra game balls myself. One to Richie for his brilliant ball handling throughout the game as well has his high flying aerial assault on the Bulldogs. My other game ball goes to MC for the energy and heart he brought to the game. He was all over the court mixing it up the the Otsego players on both ends. Solid solid game MC. Big Easy and Big Ben had stellar performances as well. B-train, please tell me the knee is OK? We need ya on Tuesday baby. Wolfy I love you kid. Thanks for another all out effort even though you could barely get out of bed Friday morning. PJ, welcome to the big time. Keep it rollin rollin rollin!! Thanks for a heck of a season all you P-town ballas. Now go watch Hoosiers and I'll see you all on Tuesday at REGIONALS BABY YEAH!!!!

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One more thing. If you get a chance check out Austin and Alex at They are both ranked in the class of 2006. Austin is in the wing forward category. I'm guessing that if they had ranked Austin in the power forward category he would be in the top 10. Alex is in the point guard category.

PHS basketball

KVA Final Standings

Rank  Team        Record   Playoff Results
1     Paw Paw      11-1    Lost in first round of districts
2     Parchment     9-3    Class B District Champs
      Christian     9-3    Class C District Champs
4     Pennfield     6-6    Lost in first round of districts
5     Hackett       3-9    Lost in second round of districts
6     Delton        2-10   Lost in first round of districts
      G-A           2-10   Lost in first round of districts

PHS basketball PHS basketball PHS basketball PHS basketball PHS basketball PHS basketball PHS basketball PHS basketball PHS basketball

Class B Final Gazette Hoop Ratings

Rank  Team          Record  Playoff Results
1     Gull Lake      19-1   Lost in first round of districts
2     Lakeshore      13-7   Lost in second round of districts
3     Paw Paw        15-5   Lost in first round of districts
4     Three Rivers   12-8   Class B District Champs
5     Harper Creek   10-10  Lost in second round of districts
6     Comstock       11-9   Lost in second round of districts
7     Sturgis        11-9   Lost in district finals
8     Parchment      12-8   Class B District Champs
9     Niles           8-12  Lost in first round of districts
10    St. Joseph      9-11  Class B District Champs

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Anti-drugs campaign

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What is a Champion?

A Championís Creed...

  • Champions get up one more time than they have been knocked down.
  • Champions give their all no matter the score.
  • Champions do what is right even when it hurts.
  • Champions know winning is not necessarily measured by the final score.
  • Champions take a stand for what is right, even when they stand alone.
  • Champions see every challenge as an opportunity.
  • Champions make those around them better.
  • Champions do the right thing even when no one is watching.
  • Champions dedicate themselves to prepare for success.
  • Champions put the success of others above individual achievement.
  • Champions understand winning is not the only thing.
  • Champions live by a higher personal standard.
  • Champions stand firm when others around them fall.
  • Champions live what they speak and speak what they live.
  • Champions lay down their own desires for the benefit of others.
  • Champions willingly accept responsibility, and graciously deflect honor.
  • Champions never sacrifice what is best for something good.
  • Champions may fail...but they never quit.

PHS basketball

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