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Game #2 at Pennfield

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Wolf wills Parchment past Pennfield

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

BATTLE CREEK -- Alexander the Great was known as a skilled military commander in his time. On Tuesday night, Parchment senior Alex Wolf exhibited some of those same strong leadership traits and sound command in a 70-63 victory over Battle Creek Pennfield. Wolf had a career-high 33 points in the hectic Kalamazoo Valley Association victory. The all-league performer and four-year starter also added six rebounds, six steals and five assists as Parchment improved to 2-0 overall and 1-0 in the KVA.

``What can you say about the kid? He's a 4.0 (grade-point average) student, he's a (Kalamazoo Area Math and Science Center) student,'' Parchment coach Larry Bailey said. ``I'll tell you what, if you want to get a good kid on your team, a leader, someone who deserves success ... ``You could see, at the end of the game, he's a gamer.'' When Parchment's 16-point fourth-quarter lead evaporated to three, 62-59, with 2 minutes remaining, Wolf stepped forward. The 5-foot-11 guard made four straight free throws and assisted on a pair of Mitchell DeHaan layups to seal the victory.

Wolf was 12-for-20 from the field, including 4-for-7 from 3-point range. As a team, Parchment made a sizzling 9 of 16 shots (56.3 percent) from beyond the arc and 27 of 57 (47.4 percent) from the floor. Seniors Matthew Chappell and P.J. Withrow, the other two-thirds of Parchment's dangerous guard trio, added 13 and 11 points, respectively. Chappell finished with four steals and three assists. Withrow had seven rebounds and was 3-for-5 on treys, including a pair that extended his team's lead from 33-30 at halftime to 46-36 midway through the third quarter.

``I think the game came down to them knocking down a lot of big shots from the outside,'' said Pennfield coach Chuck Miknis, whose team is now 2-1 overall and 1-1 in the KVA. ``That was really the difference.'' Millard Hale led Pennfield with 14 points. Terrance Walls added 12 points, five rebounds and three steals for the host team, and Mark Sansom had 11 points. Pennfield was 19-for-29 from the free throw line to 7-of-10 for Parchment, but managed only 4-of-14 (28.6 percent) from 3-point land and 20-of-54 (37 percent) overall.

Wolf's 15-foot jumper with 7 minutes left gave Parchment a 59-43 lead, but Pennfield scored 12 straight points in a 16-3 run to climb back into the game. ``We coasted, and kind of put it in cruise control and you can't with a good team,'' Wolf said. ``Pennfield's a great team.''

``What got us the lead was pushing the ball up the floor, taking shots in transition, which is our game,'' Bailey said. ``But then we took a couple wild shots in transition. Somewhere I'm going to have to learn to slow these guys down.''

PHS basketball

Individual Statistics

Player Pts
#15     13*
#21     11***
#25     33****
#35     7  
#41     3*
#43     3
* = 3-pointer

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Pennfield falls short vs. Parchment

Jeff Karzen

The Enquirer

Similar styles. Similar personnel. Heck, Pennfield and Parchment even share the same 'Panthers' nickname. And on Tuesday night, the two Kalamazoo Valley Association rivals engaged in an entertaining game that could go a long way toward determining the league champion. Despite an impressive comeback by host Pennfield, Parchment came away with a 70-63 win that went down to the final minute.

"What got us the lead almost cost us the game," said Larry Bailey, Parchment's coach. The two fast-breaking, guard-oriented teams went up and down the court at breakneck speed. Parchment (2-0) led all game, and the spread got to 16 points early in the fourth quarter. But Pennfield (2-1) wasn't done. Led by guards Millard Hale (14 points), Terrance Walls (12) and Parresse Hampton (8), Pennfield forced Parchment into bad shots and ugly turnovers.

Pennfield cut the lead to three points on two different occasions but couldn't get any closer. Parchment's Alex Wolf wouldn't allow it. The 5-foot-11 Wolf finished with a game-high 33 points, along with six steals, six rebounds and five assists. A two-time All-Conference performer, Wolf made four straight free throws down the wire to hold off Pennfield.

"He's a very difficult cover," said Pennfield coach Chuck Miknis. "He's a handful and he has really improved his physical strength." For most of the game, Pennfield was playing catchup to sharpshooting Parchment, which was 9-of-11 from 3-point range. Parchment was a two-man team in the first half as Wolf scored 16 before the break and Matt Chappell had 11.

In the third quarter, Parchment pulled away thanks to a flurry of 3-pointers by Wolf and P.J. Withrow (11 points). As the third-quarter clock ticked down, Parchment was nursing a 54-40 advantage and holding the ball for the last shot. But Hale stole the ball and fired in a 3-pointer from about 35 feet as the horn sounded, cutting Parchment's lead to 54-43.

Still, the shot was the exception more than the rule as Pennfield suffered through an ugly 37 percent shooting night. "I expected us to play better and shoot better," said Pennfield's Hampton. "We just didn't do a good job tonight. We were sloppy." Despite the loss, Pennfield has a lot to build on from Tuesday. Pennfield never quit despite being down by double digits and its impressive hustle on the boards allowed for many more shot opportunities.

"I never thought we were out of the game because I know our kids can score in bunches," Miknis said. Pennfield's Chris Kuliczkowski and Mitch Bammer finished with seven rebounds apiece. Junior Mark Sansom had 11 points. "I was super impressed with Pennfield," Bailey said. "I thought the game was 50-50 coming in and tonight was our 50."

PHS basketball

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Coach T comments: MC, that was the best half of basketball I've ever seen you play and that's saying a lot if you think about the 100's of games I've seen you play. You were basically flawless in the first half. Seems like every 30 seconds I was taking a picture of you stealing the ball and then another picture of you making a layup. Without your efforts we aren't up by 3 at the half and then who knows what happens in the second half. Speaking of the second half, I've got to give some props to the juniors in the second half. Corwin with the much needed handles, Perm with the big finish and the throw with the crowd all screaming in your ear. PJ dropping treys like he has ice water in his veins. Denver with a very timely trey. Then down the stretch I saw all our BIG men working their tails off on the boards. The bounces weren't going our way and neither was the officiating (I had them down for 9 fouls in the second half and us for 23), but everybody Larry sent out on the floor down the stretch wearing a P-town uni did the team and themselve's proud because you all left it on the floor. One thing though. When you get to a point where you are going to take some air out of the ball don't take so much air out that the ball gets flat. Sure Larry wants you to be patient and run some clock but if the defense pushes out and leaves you some major seams you still have to attack the basket when the opportunity presents itself. I think we got too caught up in dribbling east and west at mid court. That's a receipe for disaster. Make the D come out to get you then bust by them when they overcommit and take a layups (ala the two dimes Alex dropped to Mitch down the stretch) if it presents itself. Al, congrats on having the highest scoring game of your career. For those of you who think Alex came home and I was all "way to go", well guess again. Tell them what we talked about Al? First thing I said was "you ran out of gas in the second half". Second thing I said was "Don't tell me you were getting fouled. You have to be stronger with the ball down the stretch.". Sure, I love Alex and he knows it but he also knows he has lots of room for improvement as do all my P-towners. That's why you are all out there, right? Continual improvement. Not only on the court but in the classroom, at home (doing chores), and in every aspect of your life. Never settle for being anything less than the best and never sell yourself short. You have to believe in yourselves. I believe in all of you and am proud of the "team" effort that led to this hard fought W under some very hostile conditions!! That said you guys are 2-0 baby, 2-0! Pat yourselves on the back for about 5 minutes and then head down to the baseline for another suicide. Everyone needs to get stronger, faster, smarter... See you Friday! Go P-town!
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