Parchment High School

2005-2006 Parchment Varsity Basketball

Game #13 versus Delton

PHS basketball

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At Delton, Parchment's defense put the clamps on Delton and held it to single digits in every quarter. Matt Chappell led Parchment (10-3, 5-2 KVA) with 17 points. Coach Larry Bailey's Parchment quintet led 24-12 at halftime, but then put the game away by outscoring Delton 13-2 in the third quarter.

PHS basketball

Individual Statistics

Player Pts
#11     5   
#15     17****
#21     7*
#23     4 
#25     OUT  
#31     2 
#33     1
#35     9  
#41     2
* = 3-pointer

PHS basketball PHS basketball PHS basketball PHS basketball PHS basketball PHS basketball PHS basketball PHS basketball

Coach T comments: Nice win fellas! You started out a little sloppy and you finished a little sloppy but the bottom line is that you went on the road and you took care of business and came home with the W. It was nice to see Zras, Bon, and "The Doctor" (MD) all working hard in the paint. Guards, you need to look inside more often. Just check out the picture I took of Bon. He basically stood on the block unguarded for 5 seconds and "we" didn't find him. C'mon. And more often than not if you can get the ball in the post the D has to collapse leaving the perimeter players open to drop treybombs. Fuzz, nice job taking care of the ball and especially nice job of playing hounding D all night long. I want to know what kind of batteries are in his battery pack. MC, nice job taking over conference lead for treys!! I'm bummed it isn't going to be you and Al duking it out all season for the lead but the next best thing is you with a landslide victory. I could go on and on about everyone because I saw a lot of positives tonight but it's embarrassing that my paragraph dwarfs that written by the Gazette. Gazette you should be ashamed of your coverage of the Wolfless Panthers. These P-town ballas are good! These guys can hoop. These guys have mad skillz. This was never a one man team as evidenced by their 3-2 record without Al. C'mon Gazette give my boys their props with some decent coverage like what we were seeing back in December. Let me close by saying that it was a nice team effort and we will need a whole lot more of it come Friday when we square off against a very tough Pennfield squad in our second to last home game!!! We've won 2 in a row. In my book that constitutes a "STREAK" so on Friday let's keep the "STREAK ALIVE". You guys need to put their guards on lock down. Come Friday night I want to see some CAPITOL D!! Don't make me have to lace up my Chuck Taylors and show you how it's done (ha). Go P-town!!

PHS basketball PHS basketball PHS basketball PHS basketball PHS basketball PHS basketball PHS basketball PHS basketball

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