Parchment High School

2005-2006 Parchment Varsity Basketball

Game #19 versus Galesburg-Augusta

PHS basketball

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Denver Baker hit three 3-pointers in the fourth quarter and Alex Wolf stole the ball with three seconds left to preserve host Parchment's KVA victory. Matt Chappell led Parchment with 19 points, while Baker (13) and Wolf (10) also reached double figures. The win helped Parchment move to 11-8 overall and 6-5 in conference play and snapped its five-game losing streak. Kevin Roe's 17 points paced Galesburg-Augusta, which falls to 11-8 and 6-6, respectively. Travis Boersma added 12 for the Rams and Cory Schug chipped in 11.

PHS basketball

Individual Statistics

Player Pts
#11    1   
#13    3* 
#15    19**** 
#25    10   
#31    2  
#33    2 
#35    2   
#41    13*** 
#43    2 
* = 3-pointer

PHS basketball PHS basketball PHS basketball PHS basketball PHS basketball PHS basketball PHS basketball PHS basketball PHS basketball

Coach T comments: Band. I've got to start with the band. Band you are AWESOME!! The shirts were AWESOME and the way you kept the gym and the fans rocking was flat out AWESOME!! I love you BAND!! I'm sorry I didn't really get any good pictures of you tonight. You definitely deserve a pat on the back for the "Senior Night" W.

Parents and students. I love all of you. This will sound totally corny but when Alex entered the game about half way through the first quarter and all of you started cheering your rears off I honestly started to choke up. Your positive support of my son over the last 4 years has meant the world to me and to Alex. These web pages are my way of trying to give some of that love back. I love Parchment. I love P-town. There's no better place on the planet to raise a family. Thanks parents and students for all you do. Thanks for welcoming the Wolf's into your community 7 years ago. Without your efforts tonight the seniors would not have been inspired to get the W in the last home game of their high school careers assuring them of finishing with a better than 500 record for the 3rd straight year.

PHS basketball PHS basketball

Cheerleaders. Over these last 4 years I've seen the cheerleaders make amazing progress every year. I'm not kidding. The cheerleaders during Alex's freshman year were GOOD. The sophomore group was GREAT. Last year they stepped up again and had an EXCELLENT season but this year has been the best of the four years by far. I don't mean that as a cut on the cheerleaders from the previous 3 years. Quite the contrary. Three years ago Erica and Hollie and company laid the foundation for what has become one of Parchment's most successful programs. Cheerleaders you have been an inspiration to Alex and his teammates all season and a huge contributor to all their wins. Thanks cheerleaders. Honestly, thanks a ton.

Alex. As your pops I've always expected, no demanded, the best from you. Well tonight you showed me what kind of person you are. 24 hours ago I honestly did not believe that I would ever see you play high school basketball again. So to see you out there one more time in your home whites dropping 10 points and helping your team capture their 11th W of the season even though your hand was bandaged up so thickly that I don't know how you were even able to dribble let alone pass or shoot, well, dang son you made me proud. Actually you and your teammates all made me proud tonight. Proud to be from Parchment. Proud to be a Panther. P-town Pride proud, if you know what I mean. Thanks fellas. See everyone next Friday at Paw Paw!! And by everyone, I mean EVERYONE!!!

PHS basketball PHS basketball PHS basketball PHS basketball PHS basketball PHS basketball PHS basketball

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