2005-2006 MHSAA Districts

Parchment Varsity Basketball

Game #21 versus Gull Lake

PHS basketball

Coach T pre game comments: See the paper today? Well big surprise but the Gazette has G.L. favored to win districts as well they should because G.L. has been winning lately. Last year the Gazette had Paw Paw favored to win districts but when all the dust cleared P-town hoisted the district tin (see above). So here's the bottom line. We are the underdogs. We were last year and we are again this year. And truth be known, I think it's great that we are the underdogs. The pressure is all on G.L. They are expected to win. So go out and play loosy goosy, have fun, have a lot of fun, play some kick ars DEFENSE, and lets see if this P-town squad doesn't just have yet one more David and Goliath type victory in them. It's the second season baby!! Anything can happen in the second season!! It's put up or shut up time and I know my Panthers are going to "put up baby"!! Can I get a little Fatboy Slim "Right Here Right Now" for all my ballin boys cause, guess what, it's that time of the year, yeah!!!

PHS basketball

Article from mlive.com:

Gull Lake ousts Parchment in last minute
Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Gull Lake's Josh Beeke and Parchment's Alex Wolf traded baskets Monday night inside the Comstock High School gymnasium like boxers exchange jabs and uppercuts. But the knockout punch was delivered by Andy Mains. Beeke and Wolf each scored 24 points to share game-high honors, but four free throws by Mains during the final minute pushed Gull Lake past Parchment, 54-45, in a Class B district tournament opener.

Gull Lake plays Wolverine Conference rival Plainwell at 6 p.m. Wednesday in the semifinals. ``He's one of those guys, probably since he was little, that has probably been dreaming of playing in games like that and being at the free throw line,'' Gull Lake coach Gary Sprague said about Mains, a 6-foot-7 senior. Parchment (11-10) trailed by as many as 16 points early in the second quarter before Wolf scored 13 consecutive points to pull Parchment to within striking distance of the Blue Devils.

PHS basketball

Beeke scored 10 consecutive points in the third quarter to increase Gull Lake's lead to 42-31, but back-to-back 3-point baskets by Wolf and junior Denver Baker halved the deficit and set the stage for a dramatic final eight minutes. Gull Lake (16-5) led by a narrow 48-44 margin with just over one minute to play, but escaped with the victory after Parchment missed a 3-point attempt, two free throws and a layup down the stretch. ``We were one shot away a couple of times,'' Parchment coach Larry Bailey said. ``I thought if we could catch them, the collar might come up, but you have to hand it to them.''

Sprague said, ``We're really happy with our end-game. We thought our post guys really did a nice job of doubling on the screens to make it harder for them to get shots in that last couple of minutes.'' Beeke converted nine of 15 attempts from his point guard position, while also grabbing a co-game-high 12 rebounds. Mains chipped in with 10 points and 12 caroms, and junior Matt Gregory added 10 points. Bailey was quick to credit Beeke following the contest. ``I thought Beeke had a great game,'' he said. ``He got a little streak going, and that was the difference. He's a real good player and he really makes things happen for them.''

PHS basketball

Gull Lake shot 42.2 percent (19 of 45) and outrebounded Parchment by a 35-24 margin. Wolf put the finishing touches on a prep career that was interrupted this season for more than six weeks by a broken hand. His 24 points Monday pushed his career scoring total to 1,012. Chappell added 10 points for Parchment, all of which came during the first quarter. The Panthers shot 30.4 percent (14 of 46).

PHS basketball

Individual Statistics

Player Pts
#15     10**
#25     24***  
#35      2 
#41      8**
#43      1
* = 3-pointer

PHS basketball PHS basketball PHS basketball PHS basketball PHS basketball PHS basketball PHS basketball PHS basketball PHS basketball PHS basketball
"The 1,000th point came from the charity stripe mid way through the 2nd quarter."

PHS basketball PHS basketball PHS basketball PHS basketball

Coach T post game comments: I'm spent. I'll write more on Tuesday or Wednesday when I finish up with the rest of the pictures. But the quick and dirty 11 PM version goes like this. I'm proud of my P-town Panthers. They showed up tonight and put up a heck of a fight and went down swinging against a very very good Gull Lake team. Let's face it. Gull Lake had Parchment by 12 to 16 points 3 different times during this game and every time Parchment responded by digging in and clawing there way back into the game. Alex had 3 free throws late in the game that would have cut their lead to one posession. I think MC and Denver also had good looks down the stretch to cut the GL lead to one posession. But in the end it was Josh saving his best game of the season for us and "Big Country" hitting some BIG free throws and Gull Lake left the gym with a well well earned W. Hey Bill (Beeke) it's been a fun 7 years cat daddy. So when you up for a little father-son 2 on 2 (ha)?

I hope my Panthers left he gym Monday night with their heads held high because I thought they gave a monster effort against a monster team. A shot here, a shot there, woulda, shoulda, coulda. Guess what? It doesn't matter. This team fought through a ton of adversity all season long and regardless of the score, they left the court as winners and as men who made their parents, their friends, and their community very very proud. I love you guys!! Juniors and sophomores, best of luck next year. Perm and Denver I especially want to give you both some props for taking your games to the next level this month. Keep up the hard work during the off season! Adam, sorry you didn't get a chance to contribute more on the court. I want you to know that you contributed a ton off the court though. Your teammates will miss you. Tool Shed, you were my 7th grade "run through the wall" if I asked you to kid. Thanks and best of luck with baseball this spring. Mitch, the quite one. You drew the short straw when it came to having to D up the other team's tall trees. Talk about your thankless job. Tonight was a perfect example. Without you in the trenches we don't come back 2, no 3 times. You were our rock in the paint tonight and all season. Thanks!! Zras, every time I see you you have this stoic look on your face but I know better. I can tell you have a heart the size of all out doors. Don't ever change! It's what makes you stand both apart from and with your peers. Bon, you have always been Alex's right hand man. The first to hug him. The first to high five. You've had his back for 7 years and I hope you and Al remain close friends for another 47 years. He couldn't ask for a better one. And last but definitely not least, MC. I love you MC. From the first time you put your worn out 5th grade sneakers in my driveway and then lived there all summer I knew you and Alex were going to share some special moments on the bball court and I was right. I saw you roll your ankle again early in the 2nd quarter. It says a lot about your character that you were able to tough it out after that. When you have kids you be sure to tell them that you and your P-town teammates were responsible for the first ever "sold out" game in the history of Parchment basketball. The first ever closed circuit, cafeteria seating overflow broadcast of a P-town bbal game. How cool is that? And speaking of cool, how cool was it to have the #1 ranking in this area as well as a #9 ranking in the entire state. Did you know there are 190 teams in class B in the state. 9 out of 190 put us in the top 4% of all the class B team. Quite an accomplishment!! And so what if you didn't have the magical playoff run this year like you did last year. It doesn't matter. What does matter is that tonight you and Alex and the rest of your teammates were warriors who even in defeat were able to walk of the court for the last time as men with your heads held high knowing that you had given it your all. You left it on the court. I'm proud of all of you! You are ALL champions in my eyes! Thanks fellas. OK enough of the sentimental stuff. I'm ready to hoop. Who's got next?

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Coach T post game to Al: Ooops, I forgot a senior didn't I? Alex, you were quite the warrior tonight too. I can't believe you reinjured your hand in the second quarter and were still able to play through it and finish the game. Hopefully you just bruised it real bad and not broken (like mom and I suspect). Coach Stowe isn't going to be very happy with you if it's broke! Anyway, congrats on your 1,012 points. I know the 1,000 doesn't mean much to you (you wanted the W) but it did make your dad, your mom, your grand parents, your sister, your aunt, and uncle all very proud to see you pass that milestone. As for me, thanks for 4 fun filled years of letting me be your #1 fan. I'll miss seeing you in the maroon with gold trim and I have a feeling there are a few others P-towners who will miss you too. OK, enough said. I'm out! Oh, one more thing Alex. Last time we played one on one it was me who won right? Remember, you are only as good as .....

PHS basketball

Coach T post game to Coach Bailey: Talk about your masterful game plan. Larry had the guys prepared for G.L. about as well as you could possibly have hoped. They had G.L.'s offense down and G.L. had to work their rears off for every point. The only flaw in the plan was that Beeke scored a season high 24 (previous season high had been 17). The plan called for Alex to cover Josh and then double down on the big fellas, figuring Josh wouldn't shoot that much since he hadn't been shooting all season. Way to screw up a great plan Josh (ha)?! I've watched Larry coach some amazing games over the last 4 years. Games that I thought we had no chance to win, yet he would figure out a way. Larry, from Kathy, Alex, Lauren, and I, let me say "THANKS!!". Thanks for the mentoring you did during the 5 years that I was the freshman coach. Thanks for the season you coached Lauren. And especially thanks for 4 great years with Alex. You are a class act from top to bottom and it's been an honor working with and for you over these last 10 years. 10 years? WOW! One last thing for everyone out there who doesn't know that Larry still plays in a couple city leagues. Guess what? I've seen Larry and "he still got game!". I'm out!
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