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Alex basketball

Alex's last season of baseball

Alex basketball

Winter 2001-2002 Parchment 8th Grade Basketball

Alex basketball


Overall        9-3
Conference     4-2
Non-conference 3-0
Tournament     2-1
Alex Macker

8th Grade Football: 60 yard touchdown pass with 10 seconds to go!! They almost won one that year. (9/22/01)

Alex bedroom Alex bedroom

Alex' bedroom walls after the big paint job. Dad did the basketball!

Winter 2000-2001 Parchment 7th Grade Basketball

Parchment 7th Grade Team

Click HERE to see some video clips from Alex's first ever 7th grade Parchment Middle School basketball game.


Overall        12-0
Conference     5-0
Non-conference 4-0
Tournament     3-0

Alex basketball

                         FUN WITH STATS
In Alex' first 7th grade game he scored 14 points and had 13 assists
and 4 steals in 12 minutes of playing time.  For fun I thought I 
would average these numbers out to see what kind of stats Alex would
have if he played an entire middle school game, high school game,
college game, and pro game.  Just for FUN mind you!

Description            Minutes  Points  Assists   Steals
First 7th grade game:     12      14      13        4
   FUN Averages
Middle school game        24      28      26        8
High school game          32      37      35       11 
College game              40      47      43       13  
Pro game                  48      56      52       16

Now, can you name the last NBA player who scored 56 points to go with
16 steals and 52 assists all in the same game?

Alex Macker

2000 - Parchment 7th grade football team at the Silverdome. Ask Alex about his thigh pads!

Both of the 6th grade Parchment youth basketball boys and girls teams went to Comstock and won the season ending all-star tournament.

Alex Wolf

In 1999 Alex played fullback and middle linebacker. Alex' team finished the year 5-1 which was the best record ever for a 5th-6th grade Parchment Rocket Football team. For the season Alex rushed for 9 touchdowns and passed for 4 more touchdowns.

Alex Wolf

The Annual Fall Parade

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