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Coach T's comments (4/13): Sorry all you tennis fans who were hoping to see some pictures. I do have some results, just no pictures. My next scheduled photo session will be Tuesday the 18th (work permitting).

Coach T's comments (4/14): After starting out the season winning 62 of their first 78 matches (79.5 winning percentage) Parchment went 1-7 (12.5 winning percentage) in their first dual meet of the year. PHS dropped every division except 3rd singles where M.M. capture the lone W 7-5, 6-3. PHS was without an entrant at the 2 singles position against Class C Grand Rapids North Pointe Christian. This drops PHS's overall winning percentage to 73.3% (63-23).

Coach T's comments (4/15): I wasn't there but I was told by one of the doubles players who participated in the Traverse City dual meet that PHS lost all 8 divisions dropping their overall record to 63-31. I'm sure the TC coach couldn't have been too happy given the length of their drive to get to Parchment.

Coach T's comments (4/18): I saw a couple doubles matches on Saturday but that was it for me. PHS came away with 6th place out of a field of 13 teams. Kenny made his first appearance of the year teaming up with Frank to take Parchment's lone 1st place. PHS also took home a Bronze in 4 singles, thanks to some hard work by the mighty freshman phenom Casey. Two thumbs (or is that 3 thumbs) up for these performances!

PHS tennis

GK Team Standings

Teams            Points
Mattawan            35
Portage Central     34
Portage Northern    21
Loy Norrix          20
Gull Lake           18
Parchment           17
Otsego              16
Kalamazoo Christian 15    
Kalamazoo Central   11
Plainwell           10
Comstock             7
Vicksburg            7
G.A.                 0

PHS tennis

Individual Standings

Flight        Place
#1 Singles      ?
#2 Singles      ?
#3 Singles     5th
#4 Singles     3rd
#1 Doubles     1st
#2 Doubles      ?
#3 Doubles      ?
#4 Doubles     6th    

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PHS tennis

On a tennis related note here's a picture of my "first place" certificate from the "international" tennis tournament I won while vacationing in Mexico. And trust me it definitely was an international victory as Americans were a minority in the tournament, even though it did end up being an "all American" final! USA! USA! USA!
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