PHS versus Gobles

7-1 WIN

"Alex S. sets up a teammate"

"Matt R's centering pass is almost headed in my Alex S."

"Ross is taken down by a Gobles defender"

"One of several shots on goal by Alex P."

"Nate hit's the crossbar"

"Matt C. also had many chances to score"

"After several misses Alex W found the top right corner for P-Town's first goal"

"Matt R followed with his first of three goals"

"Alex S found the net twice, this time from 3 feet out"

"Matt C takes a break from the action"

"Troy and his Panther teammates visited the Gobles goalie often"

"Alex S drops a near perfect corner kick on his unsuspecting teammates"

"Travis right before he scored the 7th goal of the contest"

"Brandon's header found the post"

"Speaking of post, the post game cookout was a HUGE success!!!"

"Travis and Coach Brown talk to some cute autograph seekers"

"Prison venue aside, Coach Brown celebrates with some of his senior leaders"

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