Parchment High School

2005 Varsity Soccer

Game 16 vs Comstock

Coach T's Two Cents: It was obvious from the start of this senior night event that Comstock wasn't going to be embarrassed at their house. They came out strong and played P-town hard all over the very fast field (just ask Alex how his ribs feel). They also played up quite a bit which was a unique style that resulted in 27 off side calls on the Parchment forwards. OK, so maybe it was more like 16 but dang whatever it was it was a lot. In the end though it was Parchment's team play and solid minutes from a host of Panthers that resulted in a well earned 3-1 victory and a double digit win season. Way to go P-town. One more game then it's time to start chanting "STATES, STATES, STATES". Hey, it worked for the basketball team last year so give it a try. Because it's so dark now I've had to revert to throwback pictures! Sorry about that everyone who tuned in hoping to see some game fotogs!

PHS soccer

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PHS soccer

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