Parchment High School

2005 Varsity Soccer

Regional Sweet-16 vs Comstock Park

Coach T's Two Cents: Let's face it. It ain't over till it's over. For 71 minutes of regulation the Panthers dominated play against their Comstock Park rivals in route to what looked like an insurmountable 3-1 lead. Then P-town had a 9 minute meltdown sending the game into OT tied 3-3. Those last 9 minutes of regulation were flat out ďU.G.L.Y, you ainít got no alibi, you ugly, yeah, you uglyĒ. I heard a lot of whining on the way to the parking lot. Bad refs. Bad play. Bad coaching. Bad luck. Bad light. Well pick your favorite ďbadĒ and have yourself a big ole pity party then head to the mirror. Everybody head to the mirror. Players, coaches, even you parents who let your kids stay up too late trick or treating. Everybody head to the mirror. Are you at the mirror yet? OK, now point a finger at yourself and say to yourself ďmy badĒ. Thatís right, it was an entire group effort that contributed to the 9 minute collapse and itís DONE, FINISHED, OVER. Nobody died, nobody lost a limb (at least Iím pretty sure Perm is still in one piece), and most importantly (relatively speaking), NOBODY LOST. We still control our own destiny. When we wake up tommorrow we are still in it! We still have soccer to play. Life is GOOD!! So what do we have to do? Well, we get on a bus, we ride back to that 44th street cow pasture, we play some kick ars D, then we score a goal, and we go home WINNERS!! Sounds pretty simple to me?!?! We still the shiznit!! Shrink shrink, blinkity blink, make me wanna think, go to da sink, vomit, clean it up with comet, earth is my planet.

So hereís the bottom line. We survived the last 9 of regulation and we survived the OT and thereís no way in heck we are going to truck all the way back up to GR only to loose. NO WAY. Itís our game, itís our year, itís our DENSITY!!! (Please tell me you all saw Back to the Future.) GO PANTHERS!! GO P-TOWN!!! GO YAAAAHOOOOS!!!

PHS soccer

Bon nearly scores during OT

PHS soccer

Pinky nearly scores during OT

PHS soccer

Corwin nearly scores during OT

PHS soccer

Scoreboard at the end of the second OT

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