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My mom's family tree: Judith Anne Johnson:mother,
Richard E. Johnson (9/8/1918, Manistee):grandfather,
Betty Jane Pennell (5/22/1922, Battle Creek): grandmother,
Nels Petter Jansson (2/17/1868, Sweden):great grandfather,
Emma Johanna Olson (6/3/1884, New York):great grandmother,
Lester Pennell (11/27/1895, Berrien Springs):great grandfather,
Edythe McCurdy (12/1/1896, Pennsylvania):great grandmother.

"Nels and Emma Johnson"

Emma J. Johnson was born in New York on 6/3/1884 and died in Manistee, Michigan on 4/11/1980.

Nels J. came over from Sweden to America under contract in 1894. His contract read as follows: I Charles A. Berglund hereby undertake, upon the following terms, to forward from Helsingborg to Manistee, Michigan in North America, the emigrant named below for the sum of 115 Kronor, which amount has been duly paid and includes all ordinary charges upon landing in America. The journey takes place from Helsingborg the 8/11/1894 by steamer steerage passage to Hull or Grimsby in England and thence, within 48 hours after having passed the customs, to Liverpool by rail 3rd class and from Liverpool within 12 days after arrival there, by Ocean steamer steerage passage, to New-York or Boston in North America. From New-York or Boston the Emigrant will be forwarded, immediately after having passed the customs and complied with other formalities, by rail 3rd class to Manistee, Michigan. At the abovementioned fare the emigrant will be supplied with good and, sufficient provisions and attendance from leaving Helsingborg until arrival at place of landing in America, lodging during the stay in england and conveyance and care of effects not exeeding 10 Eng. cubic feet space by steamer and 150 Eng lbs weight by railway. Effects of children between 1 and 12 years are carried free at the rate of half of what has been before stated for effects to America, where no free conveyance of effects of children under 5 years is allowed. The emigrant is entitled to a check for such effects, as are not under his own care, and will received for same consisting of 1 packages and numbered 124 a compensation not exeeding Kronor 50 per adult, and not exeeding Kronor 25 for childred between 1 and 12 years. On September 4, 1894 Nels Petter Jansson received his Certificate of Naturalization from the Circuit Court for the county of Manistee.

"The Johnson's as happy newlyweds in 1940."

Richard E. Johnson, 74, died unexpectedly on Sunday, August 29, 1993, at his home. He was born September 8, 1918 in Manistee, Michigan, the son of Nels and Emma (Olson) Johnson. He married Betty Jan Pennell on May 22, 1940 in Manistee. Dick was retired from the Morton Salt Company in Manistee. He was a member of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church and a member of the American Legion, Post #10.

Betty Jane Johnson, 61, died unexpectedly Tuesday, September 11, 1990 at her home. She was born May 22, 1922 in Battle Creek, the daughter of the late Lester and Edythe (McCurdy) Pennell and was united in marriage to Richard E. Johnson. She was a member of the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church of Manistee.

My dad's family tree: Thomas R. Wolf:father,
Leo J. Wolf (2/5/1905, Byron Center):grandfather,
Frances Tarchinski (2/10/1908, Grand Rapids): grandmother,
Baltus Wolf, Jr. (9/15/1885, Byron Center):great grandfather,
Katerina Simon (9/20/1888, Byron Center):great grandmother,
Peter Tarczynski (1884, Door, Michigan): great grandfather,
Josephine Miller (1885, Byron Center): great grandmother.
Peter Simon---Born 28 Aug 1852 in Germany and died July 30th 1943--Mother: Catherine snyder and Father: Joseph Simon
Gerrude Homerice Simon--Born Feb 24 1856 in Byron and died June 27th 1933--Mother: Julia Irwin and father: John Homerich
John 19 Aug 1874 --Lived 1 year
Henry 1 Sept 1876 --lived 2 years
Peter 5 Feb 1882 -- lived 1 year
Joseph 18 Apr 1884 --lived 14 years
Sophia 25 Sep 1885 --Married: Anton Harig --
Catherine ( My Grandma Wolf) 20 Sep 1887 --died 1985 Married: Baltas Wolf Jr.
Jacob 29 Aug 1889 -- Lived 2 years
Caroline 18 Dec 1891 --died 1976--Married: Christian Wolf
William 20 Feb 1895 lived 11 years
Nicholas 27 Oct 1900 married: Lena Rietersdorf

Baltas ( Balthaser ) wolf--born 9 Feb 1848 in Nassau, Germany and married in Byron Center--died on 16 Jan 1923--His mother was Maria Anna ( Mary ) Lauf
First wife: Helen Helena--Married her on 1 Feb 1870 and she died on 13 July 1877...
Second wife: sister to Helen: Mary Miller born 10 May 1858 and died 28 Nov 1918 in Byron Center....Her father was John Johann Miller and her mother was Anna Maria Leyendecker....
1-Katherina ( Catharine ) 17 Nov 1878 to 1 Dec 1881
2-Matilda 29 Dec 1881 to 30 Dec 1903---Married William M Homerich
3-John 13 Mar 1883 to 11 Nov 1969--Married Oleva Maria L. Homerich
4-Baltas Jr 15 Sep 1885 to 22 Mar 1949 --Married Katherina Katy Simon
5-Christian 26 Jan 1888 to 31 May 1963--Married Caroline Marianna Carrie Simon (sister of Katy above)
6-Adam 21 Mar 1890 to 12 Nov 1975--Married Emma H. Homrich
7-Appolonia 5 Sep 1894 to 1 Mar 1943--married George William Bruck
8-Lewis ( Ludwig ) 27 Oct 1899 to 2 Dec 1954..Married Laura A. Selvig

"Leo and Frances on their wedding day, August 13, 1925"

Leo J. Wolf, aged 86, of Manistee, formerly of Wyoming, died February 9th, 1991 at the Manistee County Medical Care Facility. Born February 1, 1905, in byron Center, the son of Baltus and Catharine (Simon) Wolf. He married Frances Tarchinski on August 3, 1925 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She preceded him in death on August 26, 1983. The Wolfs had lived in Wyoming until 1950 when they moved to Manistee. After his retirement from Packaging Corporation of America in 1968 when they moved back to Wyoming. He was a member of Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church in Wyoming.

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