Older Photos

Welcome to the second online photo album. This is an assortment of older pictures. Click on the description below to view a picture from my second family photo album.

Pre-1960 Photos

  • Wolf Family Photo from 1945
  • Wolf Family Reunion from 1938
  • Miller Family Reunion from 1941
  • Jane and Richard Johnson in Milwaukee(1940)
  • Richard and Judy Johnson(1943)
  • Jane Pennell in school(19??)
  • Jane Pennell (1940)
  • Baltas Wolf, Sr. and Marry Miller(1848-1923)
  • Baltas Wolf, Sr.
  • Marry Miller
  • Jacob and Mary Ann Homrich(1807-1893) Came to US in 1851
  • Baltas Wolf Jr. and Catherine Simon(19??)
  • Beverly (Foster) and Tom Wolf (1941)
  • Frances Tarchinski (19??)
  • Frances Tarchinski (19??)
  • Frances and Leo Wolf Wedding (19??)
  • Tom Wolf (19??)
  • Peter Simons and Gertrude Homerice
  • Peter and Gertrude Simons
  • Nels Johnson (1896)
  • Nels and Emma Johnson(1900)
  • Baltas, Katie, and Leo Wolf(1905)
  • Leo Wolf's confirmation(1918?)
  • Leo and Frances Wolf wedding(1925)
  • Leo and Frances Wolf wedding(1925)
  • Richard Johnson grade school(1930)
  • Leo Wolf(1935?)
  • Bev, Pat, Ron, and Tom Wolf(1936)
  • Richard and Betty Jane Johnson wedding(1940)
  • Bev and Tom Wolf(1942?)
  • Richard Johnson Navy(1943?)
  • Leo, Tom, Ron, and Gary Wolf(1948?)
  • Ron Wolf(1948?)
  • Frances Wolf(1950?)
  • Tarchinski(1950?)
  • Tom Wolf 8th grade at Manistee High School(1951)
  • Tom Wolf 8th grade(1951)
  • Tom Wolf 9th grade(1952)
  • Tom Wolf 9th grade(1952)
  • Tom Wolf 9th grade(1952)
  • Tom Wolf 9th grade(1952)
  • Tom Wolf 10th grade(1953)
  • Tom Wolf 10th grade(1953)
  • Tom Wolf 12th grade(1955)

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