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10 Questions with Bronco Senior Alex Wolf
By Alan Gerould, Editor, SW Michigan Sports Review
January 24, 2011

Appreciate the oppurtunity to talk with ya… thanks!

SouthWest Michigan Sports Review: You were a standout student/athlete at Parchment High School and must have had offers from smaller schools. Who showed interest in you back then?
Alex Wolf: Back then most of the interest I recieved was from division three schools such as Kalamazoo College and Hope.

SWMSR: At what point did you decide to walk-on at WMU?
AW: I decided to go to Western because of their engineering programs and then missed basketball. So at that point I decided to try to walk on.

SWMSR: In the first couple of years you were buried at the end of the bench. Did you ever get discouraged?
AW: Not really… i was just enjoying working as hard as i could! Also i understood my role and tried to make my teammates better.

SWMSR: Describe the difference between the KVA and the MAC.
AW: Wow… the list would be way too long, size, speed, athleticism, the traveling, and the coach/player relationship is alot different.

SWMSR: You have been the team “cheerleader” since your arrival.. i.e. your creative work during team introductions, first off the bench to encourage your teammates during timeouts, etc. How did that come about?
AW: Not really sure… I was roommates with Dan Hess my Freshman year and he was the energy guy. Anyways we became good friends and I just kind of took over his spot.

SWMSR: Do you choreograph all of those player intro’s?
AW: Not me personally… I see if the starters have any ideas that they want to do and if not, I will help with some ideas.

SWMSR: Aloha…Your coming out party was arguably last season in Hawaii. What clicked then and how do you remember that trip?
AW: Well Hawaii in general was just amazing and beautiful. Alot of my teammates had been telling me to play more aggressive because they knew how I could play in practice. I just had the right mind set and my teammates had my back. Dave and Martelle played big roles with that.

SWMSR: You had a big game earlier this year against Idaho State, scoring 12 in Logan, Utah. Is there something about Holiday Tournaments?
AW: Well if there is anything to take from the holiday tournaments is that people will get tired and other players have to step up. So given the oppurtunity I have been lucky enough to take advantage of it.

SWMSR: You recently won your second MAC Scholar Athlete of the Week (Congratulations) and our majoring in a very demanding civil engineering program. What are the challenges of being a very serious student/athlete?
AW: Balancing both basketball and school has been incredibly tough throughout the years. You really just have to stay ahead on homework and assignments. Also have a decent friend base that will help relay you the notes and stuff that you have missed. It is really hard work but I enjoy every minute of it.

SWMSR: What do you think about Hawk and the coaching honest…Hawk is!!
AW: Well I explained earlier that the coach/player relationship is a bit different at this level which is expected because its their livelihoods. Off the court the coaching staff is incredible and really down to earth nice guys. On the court, they demand the very best out of you, which is how it should be! I know that the coaches have every one of our backs both on and off the court. Its a very good feeling to know that your coaches will pull for you.

SWMSR: How do you feel about your role as a leader and only senior?
AW: Its been a learning experience this year. In my mind I have had very large shoes to fill considering the leaders that I played under like Joe Reitz and David Kool. I always have the same attitude and give it my best option. I’ve been trying to show by example how to be a Bronco and really play for each other as a family.

SWMSR: Are you surprised by the start this year and what is the ceiling for this current crop of Broncos?
AW: We fully understand that on any night we can beat anybody or we can be beat by anybody. We are very talented from top to bottom and are getting better every week. We feel that we should have had a few more wins on our resume but are constantly preaching “next possesion” which is the attitude we will take with the rest of the season.

Editors note: Wolf hit 4-6 three pointers and finished with a season-high 14 points in the Broncos last outing, an 82-80 win over NIU.

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