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Alex Update

December 1, 2008

Hey P-Town!! Well the Broncos basketball season is seven games old now so I thought I would throw together my first "Alex Update" page for this year because many of you have been sending me emails asking how things are going for Alex. Alex worked very hard over the summer and had a really really good pre-season but unfortunately Alex's hard work hasn't yet paid off in terms of playing time. That said, Alex continues to work hard in practice and in the classroom and is very optimistic that his hard work will eventually provide him with an opportunity to contribute to some WMU victories this year.

Alex's goal from the first day he put on a WMU jersey, one I'm sure he shares with all his teammates, is to experience March Madness first hand. After all, last year's Broncos beat Davidson during the regular season and Davidson went on to make "the tourney" and push eventual champs Kansas to the bring of elimination so why can't WMU be this year's Davidson? I encourage all of you to set goals and be willing to work very hard to achieve those goals. You are only limited by your ability to dream big. Anyway that's the latest on Alex. Oh, and I forgot to mention the most important update. Alex has set a goal of getting very high grades in his Engineering courses this semester which is easier said than done when you take into consideration that the team has away games in South Carolina, Virginia, Massachusetts, Nevada, Illinois, and Texas this semester. That's a lot of days away from class. Good luck Alex and keep working hard (like you know any other way)!

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