WMU Men's Basketball

2009-2010 Season Ending Banquet

Alex's roast of Koolaid

March 15, 2010

At the end of the season the basketball team has a banquet. One of the traditions of this banquet is for the players to exchange gag gifts. At this year's banquet Alex decided to give his teammate of 4 years and his roommate of 2 years, David Kool, a CD containing pictures from David's non-basketball college activities. Below is a selection of pictures from that CD. Please enjoy Alex's humor! (OK, and maybe "Pops" had a little to do with these pics too.)

David's Fall classes

basketball Basketweaving 101
basketball International Basketbweaving 102
basketball Underwater Basketweaving 105
basketball Ballet for Beginners 101
basketball Fashion Merchandising - Mannequin Etiquette 110

David's Spring internship

basketball Walmart Greeter

David's WMU Memberships

basketball Chess Club
basketball Fencing Club
basketball Broncos Marching Band
basketball Broncos Cheer Team

David finding time to attend college parties

basketball Diamondhead Classic Party
basketball Vegas Night
basketball Halloween

David spotted with Celebs

basketball Angelina Jolie
basketball Jessica Alba
basketball Jessica Simpson
basketball Lisa Simpson
basketball Neytiri

David - Choices after basketball

basketball Pro Football
basketball President
basketball Team USA Bobsledder
basketball Basketball Coach

WEB SITE ONLY Bonus Pictures

basketball basketball basketball basketball basketball

Be a Role Model

Save the sharks!!

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Not Even Once

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